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Description[edit | edit source]

For The King features a dynamic weather system. Having weather in game achieves a few important goals. First of all it is visually beautiful and adds dramatic atmosphere to our stylized art assets, both in the overworld and in Combat. We strive to keep the player on the edge of their seat while playing, and there’s just something about heavy rain randomly appearing in the world which adds an element of tension as the clock winds down. A sandstorm in the desert feels more intense while battling a group of bandits, while a nice sunny day can suggest a false sense of security in the forest.

A focus on For The King’s procedural game system: the world is randomly generated, all Locations are placed unpredictably so having a dynamic weather system with it’s own agenda is another procedural element that can add to the chaos. A rain storm isn’t just a visual element but it comes with it’s own set of mechanics. Not all effects are beneficial though, both rain and sandstorms will make your characters awareness rolls more difficult. Awareness is a crucial stat that prevents enemies from ambushing you. On the flip side some weather can aid the player when trying to get the jump on enemies as well.

Movement throughout the overworld can be affected by weather. Bad weather will hinder you and alter your plans - it might be a better idea to set up camp and wait for the sun to come out instead of risking your safety in the middle of a vicious storm.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Some of the effects weather has on gameplay are:

  • Nice Day can trigger when a character uses all its movement points, adding up to two additional movement points.
  • Rain can cleanse Poisoned Hexes, put out fires, or scare away some types of enemies, but can affect the number of Movement rolls made, or Awareness roll chances.