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Trinkets in For The King

"Trinkets" are items found throughout the world in For The King. Trinket items tend to be 'secondary' or 'supportive' items, often having stats or special abilities to help improve your character. Many trinkets will contain additional effects such as "Inspire", "Encourage" or "Steady". When wearing the Trinket, the equipped character will naturally take on the additional effects provided in the objects description.

An example of an Artifact Grade Trinket

As with all items, Trinkets can come in four rarities: Common, Uncommon, Rare and Artifact. It is worth noting that as with other items, the stats associated with Artifact grade Trinkets can at times be effected via player level at the time of finding. (IE- An item found at level 1 may have lower stat values than one found at level 5).

Trinkets are also target-able items, allowing some creatures, such as various thieving enemies and monsters like types of Slime's, the ability to destroy, steal or disintegrate them. Once a Trinket is disintegrated, there is no way to recover the item aside from finding a new one as a purchase, drop or find.

Trinkets can come with an assortment of stats, additional bonus abilities and Elite skills.

List Of Trinkets[edit | edit source]

→ A list of Released Trinkets can be found here although note that the list is continually being updated as players find new, never before seen Trinkets and gear.

Artifact Grade Trinkets

Golden Hourglass

Lumotus Luminous

Ms. Kitty's Rainy Day Special

King's Talisman of Fire

King's Talisman of Ice

King's Talisman of Shock

Brilliant Gemstones

Rare Grade Trinkets

Bellowing Horn

Brass Bell

Clouded Mirror

Crystal Anvil

Flaming Talisman

Four Leaf Clover

Glowing Ward

Herb Encyclopedia

Noise Maker

Rusty Chain


Uncommon Grade Trinkets

Amplifying Diamond

Focusing Stone

Friendship Ring

Golden Feather

Golden Skull

Great Rune

Holy Talisman

Icy Talisman

Lightning Talisman

Lucky Coin

Pipe Diffuser

Royal Banner

Ruby of Warm Light

Silver Padlock

Steel Plate

Toxic Talisman

Common Grade Trinkets

Amplifying Crystal

Faded Rune

Litteratus Shell


Rusted Plate

Silver Feather

Silver Skull