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Overview[edit | edit source]

The various character Stats in For The King comprise the most important aspect of the game: stat checks. Stat checks govern almost every action in Fahrul, and without their proper management, a campaign can end rather quickly. It also dictates how capable a character is with any given weapon. Each stat value represents the percent chance a player has to "roll" a success when testing against a particular stat. Higher stats mean more successful stat checks, which in turn results in easier battles and better rewards.

List of Stats[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description
Strength Strength Strength represents a character's physical conditioning. It is used mainly for physical challenges or for wielding bladed and blunt weapons.
Vitality Vitality Vitality indicates a character's endurance and health. It drives a character's base HP values and is useful for encounters that test one's stamina. Unarmed combat uses the Vitality slot.
Intelligence Intelligence Intelligence represents mental acuity and spell ability. It affects accuracy with tomes and staves and is useful for solving puzzles encountered in the overworld. Certain scrolls are also influenced by a character's Intelligence stat.
Awareness Awareness Awareness represents how alert characters are to their surroundings. It affects accuracy with bows and polearms, as well as a character's ability to sneak past or ambush an enemy. It also helps prevent a character from being ambushed themselves while travelling about the map.
Talent Talent Talent indicates natural aptitude and mainly affects accuracy with musical instruments and guns. It also aids in disarming traps and how fast a character can move while at sea.
Speed Speed Speed is how efficiently a character can move. It affects things such as movement points, combat initiative, attack frequency, sneaking, fleeing, evasion, and other crucial skills. A character with a high Speed stat will also suffer less from having their turn reset during combat.
Luck Luck Luck is a hidden stat. It affects a variety of things throughout the game, such as gambling odds, the frequency of encounters on the map. It also slightly influences any stat checks that can't be focused.
Armor Armor Armor represents the amount of physical damage that is mitigated when a character is attacked. It can be raised by equipping various articles of clothing, carrying a shield, or even boosted with certain abilities.
Resistance Resistance Resistance indicates the amount of magical damage that is mitigated when a character is attacked. It also plays a role in defending against magical attacks from skills and abilites.
Evasion Evasion Evasion is an important stat. It represents how easily a character can dodge incoming attacks, whether physical or magical, and as a result can play a crucial role in the successful outcome of a battle.