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The various Character Stats in For The King comprise the most important aspect of the game: your rolls. The stat value is the percent chance you have to roll a success when testing that particular stat, and can affect other actions.

Stats[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Description Purpose
IconToughness.png Strength Strength represents your physical conditioning. It affects accuracy with bladed and blunt weapons and is used for physical challenges. Affects roll chance of Strength oriented rolls.
IconVitality.png Vitality Vitality represents your endurance and health. It drives a character's base HP values and is useful for encounters that test one's stamina. Affects roll chance of Vitality oriented rolls and improves chance of taunt.
IconMental.png Intelligence Intelligence represents your mental acuity. It affects accuracy with tomes and staves and is useful for solving puzzles encountered in the overworld. Affects roll chance of Intelligence oriented rolls and the range of Portal Scroll and Teleport Scrolls
IconAwareness.png Awareness Awareness represents your alertness. It affects accuracy with bows and polearms as well as your ability to prevent and launch an ambush. Affects roll chance of Awareness oriented rolls and ambush prevention.
IconTalent.png Talent Talent represents your natural aptitude. It affects accuracy with musical weapons, boat movement, and trap disarming. Affects roll chance of Talent oriented rolls and improves movement across water tiles.
IconQuickness.png Speed Speed represents your ability to move efficiently. It affects your movement points, combat initiative, attack frequency, sneaking, fleeing, evasion, and other crucial skills. Affects roll chance of Speed oriented rolls and improves turn resets in combat.
IconLuck2.png Luck Luck affects games of chance and challenges which cannot be focused. Affects roll chance of Luck oriented rolls.