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ShieldMagic Shield

Description[edit | edit source]

Main article: Armor

In addition to body armor, there are Shields in For The King as well. And like Armor, they too are used to reduce incoming damage from enemies.

Shields cannot be equipped alongside Two-Handed Weapons, so they're more suited to characters who prefer to arm themselves with Daggers, Swords, Spears, Blunt Weapons, or even certain Guns. Most shields will impart Enemy Taunt, but some can also give a character other skills such as Support Range.

Types of Shields[edit | edit source]

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Shields come in two basic types:

Physical Shields[edit | edit source]

The Physical Shield icon.

Physical shields are shields with a high armor stat. While not as versatile as magic shields, they will often have other benefits, such as boosts to a character's Awareness or evasion stat. Steady is sometimes seen on physical shields as well.

Physical shields are the easiest type of shield to find in Fahrul:

Magic Shields[edit | edit source]

The Magic Shield icon.

Magic shields will occasionally offer other magical incentives like damage reflection.

Some notable magic shields are: