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Sanctums and Devotion are two of the Concepts in For The King.

Description[edit | edit source]

Each Sanctum belongs to one of Fahrul's ancient gods. Devoting oneself to a Sanctum will bestow specific ability onto your character which vary from Sanctum to Sanctum. Devoting to a sanctum will heal the character to their maximum HP. Each of the Characters can only belong to one Sanctum and once a character devoted themselves to a Sanctum, no other character can use that Sanctum.

When a character who is devoted to a god falls in battle, the Chaos overwhelms the Sanctum causing it to crumble. While this prevents the Chaos from entering the world and driving up the Chaos Meter, the character will lose any abilities associated with that Sanctum. Other than the active Scourge The Foul Priestess, this is only way to remove a sanctum. One sanctum cannot override another.

Sanctums can be upgraded to Greater Sanctums after being visited a total of 8 times, through spending Lore at The Lore Store.

The Ingame-Description is "An ancient obelisk pulses with warm energy. You feel at peace."

List and Sanctum types[edit | edit source]

Icon Name Bonus Bonus
(Greater Sanctum)
God Quote
Sanctum of Shadow +5 Evasion

Ambush Immunity

+5 Speed Darvek -

God of Shadow

"Wherever there is light, there is also shadow."
Sanctum of Wisdom +25% XP Multiplier +5 Intelligence Valencine -

Godess of Wisdom

"I believe we have much to teach each other."
Sanctum of Purity Poison Immunity

Curse Immunity

Burn Immunity Gemma -

Goddess of Purity

"Purity of body and spirit will determine your fate."
Sanctum of Blood +10% Critical Hit Chance 10% Bonus Damage to Humanoids Kamareth -

God of Blood

"Good, now go forth and spill the blood of your enemies."
Sanctum of Wealth +20% Gold Multiplier Steal Immunity Siskil -

God of Wealth

"Excellent, you and I are going to get rich together."
Sanctum of Focus +2 Max Focus Confused Immunity Daemus -

God of Focus

"Release the power of your mind and there is nothing you cannot accomplish"
Sanctum of Life +10 Max Health

+2 Health Regeneration

+5 Vitality
Sanctum of Haste +2 Movement Bonus Support Combat Range

Scourge[edit | edit source]

The Foul Priestess will cause sanctums to crumble while her scourge is active. Travelling to her temple and defeating her will prevent her from destroying any more sanctums.

Gallery[edit | edit source]