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Quests in For The King. There are both main quests and side quests in the land of Fahrul, each with rewards.

Description[edit | edit source]

Each party is allowed one optional Side Quest at any given time. Any party member may complete the side question with the exception of Side Quests which require the deliver or retrieval of specific items.

There's a limit of one side quest per town. So although there may be several to choose from, once a quest is accepted, that town will no longer provide side quests to the party.

Be sure to choose your side quests carefully as the risks and rewards can vary greatly.

Side Quests[edit | edit source]


Towns are also the primary place where players can select and undertake side quests in return for various rewards.

Quest Type Objective Description Rewards
Bounty Elimination of a specific creature somewhere in the region Gold, Items, Party Exp
Delivery Transport of an item from one location to another Gold, Items
Retrieval Locating one item and bringing it back to the Town Items
Reduce Chaos Defeating a Chaos Acolyte Camp -1 Chaos