Pipe Smith

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The Pipe Smith can increase the level of the Character's pipe, allowing them to make better use of Herbs.

Pipe Upgrades
Old Pipe Elm Pipe Bone Pipe Dragon Pipe
Godsbeard +15 HP +30 HP +45 HP +60 HP
Panax -1 Poison -2 Poison -3 Poison -4 Poison
Golden Root +3 Focus +4 Focus +5 Focus +6 Focus
Dancing Nettle +2 Movement +3 Movement +4 Movement +5 Movement
Scholar's Wort +6 XP +12 XP +24 XP +48 XP

PipeSmith - Town Service[edit | edit source]

Every town will offer the service "PipeSmith - Upgrade Pipe ".


Pipe Smith - Encounter[edit | edit source]

The Pipe Smith can also randomly appear as an merchant (encounter), after unlock in The Lore Store.

Players visiting the merchant can receive an upgrade to their pipe at a heavily (based on the services prices) reduced price, but only for one player.