Party Heal

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Description[edit | edit source]

Party Heal is one of the Special Abilities in For The King.

It grants the ability to use Godsbeard in combat or between rooms in Dungeons to replenish HP for the entire party.

Requires: Godsbeard

It provides a member the opportunity to distribute the healing factor of an item to allying party members. This can be utilized either during combat or in the preparation phases of a dungeon. The amount of Health recovered when this skill is used can be increased by upgrading the pipe level of the user at the Pipe Smith.

Obtainment[edit | edit source]

Is a starting skill of the Herbalist and Monk class.

Provided on a variety of uncommon intelligence staves (the Knotted Staff and Yew Staff), the uncommon Book of Healing, the common White Lute, the uncommon Ivory Lute, the rare Gathering Bonnet, and the uncommon Pipe Diffuser.