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Description[edit | edit source]

Creatures are the wild inhabitants of Fahrul. They are hostile to the player and will not allow passage unless defeated, or snuck past. Each creature has it's own name, set of stats, HP value and attacks. A creature takes up one hex on the map and remains in place for a duration. The changes between day and night cause creatures to spawn/despawn.

Species of creature varies depending on the region they spawn in, each region has a set pool of monsters that can spawn.

Camps[edit | edit source]

Camps are a Location that contain an amount of creatures equivalent to the amount of players in the game. Creatures are selected from the pool that would naturally spawn in the same Region that the camp is located in.

Swarms[edit | edit source]

Swarms are similar to Camps. The key difference is that they will always contain the same species of creature, i.e. a swarm of Bees will always contain 3 Bees in a 3 player game.

List Of Creatures[edit | edit source]

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