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The Combat works as a turn-based, co-operative system that allows you and your friends to team up in Fahrul and confront evil together.

General[edit | edit source]

For The King has many Character Classes to choose from, and also many different Weapons, so it’s wise to use something that suits both your class and your playing style.

Some Character Classes have special abilities for combat:

Weapons have numerous effects such as dealing regular damage, ignoring enemy armor/resistance, or the ability to unleash powerful chaotic energy.

  • While any character is capable of wielding any type of weapon, their proficiency level can greatly help or hinder the effect.
  • If a Character uses a weapon, they are unskilled with, it is less effective in combat. On the flip side, a high level character that is using a weapon they are perfectly suited to will unlock its true power!

The stat value is the percent chance you have to roll a success when testing that particular stat, so you will have higher chances of scoring hits when using certain weapons that match their highest stat.

How to get in Combat?[edit | edit source]

In the following is the standard way explained how a player gets into a fight, which is to move on a hex (field) with an enemy.

There are other ways to get into a fight besides that:

- Go in a Dungeon or Cave (Pick up all Partymembers in the same region as the dungeon)

- Enemy Ambush (Character gets ambushed while he is moving)

- Encounters (Failed at some Events)

combat range and choises for the attack
Combat range (red) and support combat range (orange) and choises for the attack

Before a player enters an enemy hex, the game will show the combat range, with red hexes. Within these red hexes all party members and up to three enemys will take part at the combat. Some items will garant you support combat range, one additional (orange) hex to the basic area. The area actually depends on the region and the weather.
When a player reaches the enemy, he has the choice between:

  • Fight (normal combat)
  • Ambush (player gets a free attack, on fail the main enemy gets a free attack)
  • Sneak (to pass the enemy an get on the hex behind him)
  • Retreat (don’t get into the fight, but lose one movement)

Also the selected opponent is displayed, on the left side of him all involved party members and on the right side of him all involved opponents.

Finally the Fight[edit | edit source]

If it wasn’t a ambush the character with the highest speed will have the first attack opportunity.
The combat order is determined by the time slider at the top. Travelling from the right to left, where the current character will be shown bigger. The placement is based off the speed stat, also faster character will attack more often.

The combat order is determined by the time slider.
The combat order is determined by the time slider.


There is always the possibility to flee, otherwise weapon-dependent attacks or specialactions, like Party Heal.

Combat attack opportunity
Combat attack opportunity

In addition to standard attacks with higher accuracy, players can attempt Special Attacks (such as Fire, Stun, Bleed etc) with reduced accuracy. Typically -10%, -20% or -30%, with the biggest reduction seen on extreme damage attacks.
For these Special Attacks, all slots must roll as hits, else the special effect fails, but the attack may still deal some damage.

Players may use Focus to ensure that slot is successful, as well as raising your overall chance per slot, which will be shown next to the possible damage.

Above, where the Special Attack effect is listed, you can see the chance of a Perfect Attack in smaller font.
Below the damage you can see what the target type is, such as single, party or splash. 

If the player has equipped a shield, he can use it to Taunt the enemy at the cost of sacrificing your attack for that round. 

In addition to an attack, a character may also use an item from their belt first.

Damage[edit | edit source]

Main article: Damage

Additional Information[edit | edit source]

  • Every enemy is capable of using the exact same attacks vs the player, only they have more special moves like Curse, Poison, and Steal.
  • Any armor/resistance value will directly negates according to the type of damage, except for Piercing Damage.
  • Evasive enemies can only be hit with a perfect attack.
  • Level up regenerates life and focus also in combat forced by Scholar's Wort.