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Armor in For The King is used to reduce the Damage taken by Enemies. There are different kinds of Armor tailored for different Classes. In For The King there are no restrictions in what Armor a Character can wear. Armor can also influence the Stats of a Character. Some Armor grant the User Immunity aganist some Status Effects.

Armor Types[edit | edit source]

There are 5 different Types of Armor

Cloth Armor:[edit | edit source]
Icon for Cloth Armor

Cloth Armors are the favorites of the Minstrel and Busker. It has equal resistance to magic and armor. It often provides +Talent, +Luck and -Awareness.

Hide Armor:

Hide Armors are the favorites of the Hunter and the Trapper. Unlike other armor types, it offers Evasion, with equal armor and resistance to magic, but less than cloth armor of similar level. It often provides +Awareness. Armor and helms will usually have -Talent, but boots will usually have +Speed, making them useful for all classes.

Leather Armor:[edit | edit source]
Icon for Leather Armor

Leather Armors are often useful to everyone. It provides great defenses, but no bonuses to stats.

Plate Armor:[edit | edit source]
Icon for Plate Armor

Plate Armors are the favorites of the Blacksmith and Woodcutter. It has a lot of Armor, and almost no Resistance to magic. It often provides +Strength and -Intelligence.

Robes:[edit | edit source]
Icon for Robes

Robes are the favorite of the Scholar and the Herbalist. Robes have a lot of Resistance to magic, and almost no Armor. It often provides +Intelligence and - Strength, as well as +Maximum Focus.